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Reduce energy consumption and save on utility costs with fully automated EOS retractable window awnings.


Transform the exterior of your home with the addition of EOS smart window awnings. Our awnings come equipped with solar-powered, battery-operated motors and automated controls, providing protection from harmful UV rays and reducing energy consumption. EOS features integrated sensors to safely retract during extreme weather conditions year-round. Our proprietary smart technology ensures that the awning delivers the right amount of sun protection throughout the day with automated scheduling. The EOS awning is compatible with window sizes ranging from 39" to 120" and is available in white and black cassette enclosures. Choose from our extensive collection of acrylic, marine-grade fabrics that not only withstand harsh elements but also enhance the exterior aesthetic of your home.

Quality Engineered Features

All Sol-Lux products are backed by a 5-year product warranty and comprised of the finest materials to add quality and style to your home.


Solar Powered, Battery Operated.

EOS window awnings can be effortlessly installed on a home's exterior without the need for an electrician. With built-in solar charging, the battery life of the awning's motor is extended.


Tailor-Made to Fit Your Window

Support windows up to 39" to 120" wide customizable in 1/2" or 1cm increments.


Customizable Design Options

Select from our expansive fabric collection featuring Sunbrella® and Recasens®.


Automatic Operation

EOS will function automatically by sensing the sunlight, wind, and temperature requiring zero user interaction.


Smart Technology

For manual controls and to adjust default settings users have access to the Sol-Lux app.


Weather and Temperature Monitoring

Set the awning position based on outside temperatures to maintain interior temperatures and reduce the home's energy output.

Find a Dealer

Discover where to buy from a local Sol-Lux dealer or send a product-related inquiry.

Become a Dealer

Expand your outdoor portfolio with style and quality-engineered awnings by Sol-Lux. 

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