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Enhancing Comfort and Curb Appeal with EOS Automated Window Awnings: A Charming Cape Home Transformation

Updated: Jun 27

EOS Automated Window Awning

At Sol-Lux, we love seeing our products make a difference in our customers' lives. A recent project involved a charming cape style home struggling with excessive direct sunlight in the main living room. This caused discomfort from unwanted sun glare and increased indoor temperatures, making the home's mechanical system work overtime to maintain a comfortable environment. The customer needed a convenient shading solution that required minimal operation to improve energy efficiency and maintain a pleasant indoor climate.

Challenge: Too Much Sunlight in a Charming Cape Home

Our customer had a beautiful cape style home with lots of direct sunlight pouring into the main living room. While natural light can be lovely, too much of it can cause the home to heat up quickly, forcing the air conditioning system to work harder and increasing energy consumption. The customer wanted an effective shading solution that would operate autonomously, providing shade when it was needed the most, without requiring constant manual operation.

Solution: EOS Automated Awning

The customer chose our EOS automated window awning, designed to block unwanted sunlight without compromising the view, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and improve energy efficiency. The best part? EOS works autonomously. The installer set up the the awning's temperature, sunlight, and wind sensitivities to ensure EOS provided shade exactly when needed and retracted when weather conditions weren't ideal. This resulted in the customer enjoying a cooler home without constantly adjusting the awning.

Integrated Solar Panel for Enhanced Efficiency

One of the standout features of the EOS window awning is its integrated solar panel. This contributes significantly to the awning's energy efficiency by harnessing the power of the sun to keep the motor charged. The solar panel trickle charges the awning's battery, maintaining its operation without requiring the user to charge it. Additionally, the solar panel eliminates the need for wiring during installation, making the setup process simpler and cleaner.

EOS Automated Window Awning Colors

Aesthetic Considerations

With a love for color and a charming turquoise front door, the customer wanted an awning that would enhance their home's curb appeal. EOS, available in over 70 Sunbrella® marine-grade fabric colors, made finding the perfect match easy. For the awning's cassette, they chose a Traffic White powder-coated option from our 180+ colors, which closely matched the window trim and seamlessly blended with the home's aesthetic. The 93-inch awning perfectly aligned with the window trim, ensuring a flawless fit. The chosen EOS awning complemented the turquoise front door beautifully, adding to the overall charm and aesthetic of the home.


The EOS automated awning not only solved the problem of excessive sunlight and high indoor temperatures but also enhanced the home's exterior appeal. The integrated solar panel and autonomous operation added to the energy efficiencies, making the solution even more convenient and environmentally friendly. The customer was thrilled with the results, enjoying a more comfortable living space and a stylish addition to their home's façade.

EOS is for everyone. If you're looking for an autonomous awning solution that combines functionality with style, contact us to be connected with a Sol-Lux dealer.


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