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Sol-Lux Relaunches Revolutionary EOS Automated Window Awning

Revolutionary EOS awning offers autonomous operation, solar-powered efficiency, customizable design, and easy installation for enhanced home energy savings.

Broomfield, CO. -– May 29, 2024 - Sol-Lux, a subsidiary of Carefree of Colorado (the global leader in RV awnings) proudly announces the relaunch of its innovative EOS automated window awning. Originally introduced in 2017, the EOS continues to set the standard in sun protection and energy efficiency for homes, with advanced functionality that operates autonomously and requires zero user interaction.

EOS Window Awning
EOS Automated Window Awning

The EOS window awning features a convenient, battery-operated motor design that eliminates the need for an electric connection, making installation a breeze. An integrated solar panel harnesses the sun's energy to keep the battery charged, and for homes where the sun is obstructed, an auxiliary solar panel is available as an optional upgrade.

EOS Integrated Solar Panel
EOS Integrated Solar Panel

Customization is key with the EOS awning, which comes in a range of powder-coated colors for its aluminum cassette and features high-quality acrylic canopy textiles by Sunbrella®. The awning is designed to fit windows between 39" to 120" wide, customizable in 1/2" increments. Installation is straightforward with a single aluminum bracket, ensuring the awning is flush and secure to the exterior siding.

Sol-Lux App for EOS Home Screen
Sol-Lux App for EOS Home Screen

Once installed, the proprietary Sol-Lux app, available on both iOS and Android devices, allows users to set sun, wind, and temperature sensitivities to manage the integrated sensors, enabling the awning to operate autonomously and intelligently expanding or retracting based on real-time weather conditions. Users can also set schedules or activate vacation mode for a more personalized experience based on user preferences. Positioned at a 45-degree pitch angle, the awning effectively blocks the sun, reducing interior heat and strain on home cooling systems while preserving the view.

The EOS automated window awning has a four-week manufacturing lead time and is available now through Sol-Lux's extensive dealer network, complete with a comprehensive 5-year product warranty. Window professionals interested in adding this unique product to their portfolios are encouraged to apply to become a dealer at For more information about the EOS awning, visit Sol-Lux EOS Awning.

Download the full press release here:

Sol-Lux Relaunches Revolutionary EOS Window Awning
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