Wind Sensing and Motion Detection

The Eos automatically detects and reats to excessive motion due to windy conditions. The sensitivity to motion can be adjusted from factory defaults using the free Sol-Lux mobile app. Most other retractable awnings have issues with strong wind gusts, but not Sol-Lux! The Eos is extremely resilient in the wind. We locked them out in their fully extended positions and tested them in 85 mph winds to see if we could damage them but we couldn’t! The gas shocks that push the arms out of the awning out act as shock absorbers allowing the canopy to billow and release the preasure from strong gusts of wind. When the gust has passed, the arms return to their normal positions with a taught canopy. If the awning does retract due to wind, it’s smart enough to check the conditions again after a period of time and reattempt extension if appropriate.

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