Why Is a Solar Awning A Better Choice Than Traditional Awnings?

If you are in the market to purchase new window awnings for your home, it may be beneficial to investigate the benefits that come with solar awnings. Even though traditional awnings have seen improvements in designs and style, not much has changed in terms of the technology used to operate traditional awnings. This includes having stationary awnings, or awnings that require physical energy to retract and expand

Traditional Window Awnings

Aside from minor changes in design/material used, there is not a lot about traditional awnings that have changed over the years.  These traditional window awnings can greatly reduce the heat load on a building during the summer months and can allow you to leave a window or two open during a rainstorm.

The Added Maintenance & Cost Of Traditional Awnings

Traditional window awnings generally require more maintenance throughout the year. Whether it is cleaning leaves off of the top to reduce the added weight, or removing snow during the winter, it can be a hassle to maintain static awnings. On top of maintaining these awnings through the year, many of these units are built to be stationary which can be detrimental to the equipment during high winds or heavy snow, which could mean having to replace an awning or two over the years due to unrepairable damage!

Solar Window Awnings

Solar awnings may have adopted & innovated many of the successful elements of what a traditional awning can provide, however solar awnings go a few extra steps further by integrating technology, comfort & ease of access when it comes to operating a solar awning.

Solar Awnings Adapt To The Elements

Solar awnings were built with longevity in mind, with smart sensor technology a solar window awning can read temperature and weather patterns to retract in high winds, thick rain, or heavy snow. This can help to greatly reduce the need to replace an awning due to inclement weather. Our awnings have been tested in the most extreme conditions and have been built to last. We even guarantee them with a 5 year “bumper to bumper” warranty.

Versatile & Programmable

Solar awnings draw their power directly from the sun, which means that there are no wires running through your walls, and ultimately less strain on your electric bill! Long gone are the days of manually retracting your window awning! Solar-powered awnings can be programmed to retract and extend at certain hours of the day, or even based on specific light conditions to ensure that your home stays cool (or warm) throughout the year! Learn more about our Smart Technolgy!

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Awnings!

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