Where Can I Install A Solar Powered Awning?


Installing solar powered awnings on your home can be an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while also improving climate control and reducing your yearly heating/cooling costs! Learn more about how a solar powered awning can improve your home in terms of comfort & savings today!

Shed, Pool House, Or Warehouse

Adding a solar powered awning to your shed, pool house, or warehouse can be a great way to extend the function and comfort of the area! Without having to worry about running wires, you are free to install a solar powered awning anywhere on your property.

Business Fronts

Do you need to improve your business façade? Instead of taking the traditional route, opt for solar powered awnings to give your business front a sleek and clean design that happens to be good for the environment as well!

Benefits Of A Solar Powered Awning

Improved comfort control

With your windows protected from the sun’s glare, less heat through the windows means less work for your air conditioner. Which ultimately means more efficiency for your air conditioning unit & less expensive energy bills! Learn more about how our awnings can help to reduce heat gain and cool loss year-round!

Variety of Sizes To Choose From

Sol-Lux offers solar powered awnings to fit the majority of window sizes and allows you to meet your design needs. With options ranging from 39” to 120” we can easily put our solar powered awnings over double door entryways, bay windows, or large window facades.

Variety of Design Options to choose from

With limitless awning color combinations, the Sol-Lux solar powered awning can be a great option for both businesses and homeowners! Solar powered awnings are an excellent choice for going green, but with our extensive design capabilities, we will happily meet your branding needs. Our vast design options also work well for homeowners who happen to be in an HOA with strict guidelines.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Solar powered awnings will save you money in the long run, by helping to reduce the overall demand for energy for your home or business. This makes going solar an environmentally responsible choice if you’re concerned about greenhouse gas emissions.

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Awnings!

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