What Is a Solar Powered Awning?

Generally, awnings offer protection against UV rays from penetrating your living environment. Although there are different types, they perform almost the same functions. But it is worth mentioning that Solar-powered awnings are more efficient and effective than electrical types.

Solar-powered awnings have a solar panel that charges the batteries powering the awning. These new generation awnings offer more than automation, given their ability to harness solar energy for home use. Here are some benefits solar-powered awnings offers:

Charges Battery Automatically

Solar-powered awning saves you time and stresses you will be investing in charging the battery of your awning. Also, it helps you to save money that you would be using to install electrical wiring to support the awning. The solar panel ensures that your awning has enough power to function throughout the day. Therefore, the awnings work well without incurring costs on batteries.

 Reduced Energy Costs

Solar-powered awning primarily functions to protect your window against direct sunlight. Thus, it reduces the harsh effect sunlight has on the insides of your home, especially the temperature. So, you may not need to use the A/C unit regularly, and this reduces the money spent on the cooling system.

The Ultimate Level of Control

You can switch between several options of shade offered by the solar-powered awnings. Depending on the angle and hotness of the sun, you can choose between a full shade and a transparent view.

Unlike the traditional awnings that block the window view completely, automated awnings offer flexibility and choices. This fantastic feature makes a solar-powered awning valuable window protection that every apartment should have.

Smart Technology

This option offers convenience and control from wherever you are within your home. There are applications for different providers that you can connect to the awning through Bluetooth. The infusion of the latest technology into protecting homes give a different meaning to human existence.

You can download the app in stores online, Google and Apple preferably. You will have maximum control over your awnings when you get the app on your device. It becomes adjustable during different weather conditions.


Solar-powered awnings come in different colors, meaning that you will find the color that is a perfect complement to your apartment. So customizing it to match the space settings and appearance can never be a problem.

Customizing is not limited to color, as different fabrics are available for those with wide window sizes. It is possible to merge two units if you prefer a longer span.


If you controlling the awnings gives you a headache, solar-powered awnings should be your choice. By connecting the mobile app to the awning with the in-built Bluetooth, the innovative technology controls the shade’s operation.

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