What is a Solar Awning?

A solar window awning is a motorized window awning that draws its power from a battery charged by the sun rather than needing to be hardwired to the building’s electricity.  The solar awning from Sol-Lux includes some additional technological advancements that are focused on energy efficiency for the building they are installed on and convenience for the user through automation. A solar awning can be utilized in the same way as any standard awning on a residential or commercial property, but the primary difference revolves around convenience, durability, and being able to react to the elements at a moment’s notice. Read on to learn more about solar awning is and their benefits.

An Awning That is Solar Powered!

The Sol-Lux solar awning is battery powered and maintains a steady charge with its built-in solar panel. Since the solar panel is connected directly to the awning, there is no need for wiring, making the installation process quick and simple!

Additional Innovations of Solar Awnings

Today’s smart homes are all about energy efficiency and convenience.  Solar awnings from Sol-Lux help your home maintain a consistent comfortable temperature, as well as protecting your property from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  By automatically reacting to sunlight and weather conditions, solar powered awnings are an excellent addition to any smart home.

Weather Sensing Technology

The Sol-Lux solar powered awning constantly monitors the temperature, sunlight, and wind so that the awning is extended when needed and retracted when not.  This allows for consistent temperatures inside while maintaining the views and natural light from the windows in an ecofriendly home!

Mobile App Controlled

Adjust your preferences on the awnings via Bluetooth.  Users can modify and control the awnings settings based on weather or seasonal change. The awnings will manage themselves based on your settings.  Gone are the days of worrying about your awnings being damaged when the weather changes too quickly.  Relax and feel confident that smart technology will manage your awnings for you.

Solar Awning Overview

While traditional awnings have been in use since the early 1900’s, solar awnings bring innovation and change to a tried and true age-old design. By opting for solar awnings, you are not only protecting your home from the elements, but you are improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Solar powered awnings come with a variety of benefits; however, the key takeaway is less effort, less maintenance, & less worry throughout the year.

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Awnings!

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