What Does the Future of Solar Power Look Like?

Solar energy has been seeing a massive push in the last several years, and as more of the world begins to recognize the need for renewable energy sources, solar is a clear winner. With such popularity, the future of solar energy is looking good. But just what can we expect in the coming years? Keep reading to learn more about what the future of solar power looks like.

The Need for Solar

With climate change being a hot topic for the last couple of decades, it is becoming more and more clear that using fossil fuels for energy is no longer a sustainable practice. And with so many options for green energy, fossil fuels are becoming less and less competitive as a realistic fuel source. And unlike water and wind energy, solar energy is accessible everywhere, from massive corporations to a farm in the country to an urban apartment building.

Increased Storage Abilities

One of the few downsides to solar energy is that you do need the sun for it to work; nighttime or inclement weather makes solar energy unavailable. Current storage capabilities – storing unused energy for later use – are not as strong as they could be. To improve efficiency and to increase usage worldwide, we can expect to see improvements in energy storage that will make solar a more feasible option for more people.

Growing Technology

With the growing importance of green energy, a lot of scientific effort is being put into the solar power industry. Advancements in solar technology are seeking to increase efficiency and storage, drop overall cost, and make solar power accessible to communities all around the globe.

A Big Industry

With the influx of new solar-related technologies, the industry is a fast-growing one. In 2019 alone, it grew by nearly 18%. We can expect that number to rise in the next few years as technological advancements and a lower cost make solar power a practical choice for consumers and companies alike.

More Developed Nations

One of the biggest setbacks for developing nations around the world is the lack of access to consistent energy. Those who aren’t “on the grid,” so to speak, are limited in the ways they can succeed in a world that relies heavily on electricity. Bringing in traditional electricity is expensive and difficult, especially in remote areas, if not altogether impossible. But solar panels can be used anywhere, and with the correct setup, a less developed, or less accessible community is now given the keys to the modern world of technology.

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