What are the Benefits of Installing a Solar Powered Awning

While awnings have been around since the dawn of the 19th century, like innovation they have come a long way from their simple originations in the 1800s. When mentioning the word “awning” you may think of a warm summer day sitting on your deck or patio, enjoying the comfort provided by your awning. But with the growth that solar power and awnings have seen over the years, opting for a solar-powered awning can not only help you save time but also energy!

What is a Solar Powered Awning?

First things first, what exactly is a solar-powered awning, and what are the benefits that it can provide you, your home, or your business facade? Solar-powered awnings are a combination of sustainability and comfort, with an added level of customization & control that can greatly benefit the look of your home, vacation home, or business. The beautiful thing about solar-powered awnings is that they can be applied in the same way that any traditional awning would be installed, however, the benefits don’t end there!


Awnings provide a natural comfort as their primary duty is to protect and shade from the sun & inclement weather. Solar Powered Awnings provide that same luxury with little to no hassle, that means no more cranking that cumbersome patio awning! Besides the initial setup, Sol-Lux powered awnings come with a free programmable app that allows you to program your awning to based on weather patterns, temperature & climate control.

Control Without The Additional Cost

Operate your awnings via the Sol-Lux app, our built-in solar panels provide enough power for the awning to operate independently from an electrical charge, which ultimately gives you control without seeing an exorbitant rise in your electrical bill. This removes the need to draw electricity directly from your home, thus giving you the ultimate level of control without an additional cost!

Smart Technology

Control Your Awnings With The Press of a button, it really is that easy! If you are all about sustainability ad Eco-friendly additions to your home. Solar Powered Awnings are the route to take. These awnings are completely autonomous by default so you will never have to search for a remote or remember to extend or retract your awnings during extreme weather patterns. Rest easy knowing your awnings will help to keep the temperature in your home right where you want it all while reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money! Learn more about how this technology can help improve the level of comfort in your home!

Take Control Of The Elements With Sol-Lux Powered Awnings!

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