Types of Window Awnings

Awnings are built with versatility, design, and comfort in mind. They can be custom made to meet your specific needs regarding color, fabric, and most importantly shape! When it comes to window awnings there are two main types of awnings, fixed or retractable awnings. Each type of awning style has its advantages and disadvantages. We will also explore the benefits that solar retractable awnings can offer your home or business if eco-friendly and green alternatives are a high priority.

Fixed Window Awnings

Stationary, or fixed, awnings are built with a welded frame that is permanently fixed to the structure. This style of awning is a good choice for smaller areas such as protection under windows and doors. Fixed window awnings are built to last and require a sturdy frame to support it year-round.


  • Built to Last
  • Complete weather protection
  • Can be made to fit any shape


  • Requires continued maintenance
  • Stuck in a fixed position
  • Requires supports for large areas

Retractable Window Awnings

Retractable window awnings are similar to fixed window awnings however these awnings come with a bit more flexibility. Retractable awnings can be opened or closed to provide the desired amount of coverage. Most retractable awnings can be retracted via a manual crank or in some cases motorized controls. Retractable awnings are a great option for patios as the awnings require less maintenance than a standard fixed awning.


  • Can be mounted on walls/roofs
  • Can be retracted in inclement weather
  • Less maintenance


  • Higher upfront costs
  • Costly repairs
  • Cannot handle high winds
  • Have to manually retract

Solar Powered Retractable Window Awnings

Solar-powered window awnings are a relatively new innovation.  They incorporate technology, comfort, and style into a design that not only looks good but reacts to the elements using smart technology.  For more information on how a Solar awning is an ideal choice when it comes to home awning installations, read our other blog on why a solar awning might be a better choice than traditional awnings!


  • Retracts in inclement weather
  • Solar powered
  • Smart technology detects inclement weather and varying light levels
  • Automatic retraction


  • Cannot be made to fit any shape

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Window Awnings!

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