“The Add On Sale” : Dealer Vlog

On this edition of the Sol-Lux Five, we are going to focus on some Sales training and tips that some of you may have heard us touch on a little bit in the past but we want to dive into a little bit more detail about here. The first, is treating the Sol-Lux Eos as an add-on sale. So as you know our window awning is a bit of a niche product, it’s never going to be that window awning that’s on every window in every home in the US. Most of our dealers have what I call a bread and butter product.

What is it that is paying your bills? What are the majority of your sales made up of today? Is it patio awnings? Is it pergolas? Is it louvered roof systems? Is it home improvement? Is it siding? Is it gutters? Is it replacement windows? What is it you guys do that is the bread and butter that pays your bills? Well whatever that is, you should be bringing the Eos, the window awning from Sol-Lux, with you on those sales appointments and treating it as an add-on sale. If you do it right, you’ll do everything for your bread and butter product and right before everything is all said and done and right when you’re just about to close the deal, that’s when you can bring up the Eos as something to add on to the deal and add margin to your existing sale. 

That’s when you can bring up the second-story windows, or the southern facing exposure windows that aren’t being addressed by whatever it is that you are providing to the customer. That’s when you can bring them out to the drive way and demonstrate this product. It’s a demonstrable product for sure. Hopefully all of you are brining your demonstration units into the field with you. If you have a truck with a ladder rack, put the mounting bracket on the ladder rack of your truck, carry the cassette in the cab of the vehicle and then when you go to demonstrate it for a customer, you can say, “Hey let me show you a new product we just started carrying, I think you might think it’s a pretty great fit for ya”. Snap it onto the mounting bracket, pull out your phone and demonstrate the awning right there in the driveway. If you don’t have a ladder rack, that’s when you can use the tri-pod that we offer and the carrying case if you want a professional presentation, that’s a great approach also. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your brochures with you. Hopefully you guys have all started to modify the brochures since we give you access to the raw files. That’s where you can adjust the logo, the phone number, the website, the contact information. All that good stuff on that brochure can be edited to represent your business and get the maximum use out of that brochure. Demonstrate the product, leave them with a brochure, and it’s a no-pressure, low-pressure, sale. Then you can follow up in your next correspondence with them, whether it’s a phone call or an email, you can get their thoughts about that product that you showed them at your appointment. 

Also, guys a quick tip: don’t forget to disconnect the battery from your demo in between uses. Hate to have you go to demonstrate the product only to find out that you left the battery plugged in and without it getting any sunlight, it dies on you. So be careful about that. You can also use this product as an incentive. A lot of our dealers are in competitive landscapes. If you find that you’re coming up against a lot of competition in your deals. Or your customers share with you that they’re weighing your offering against several others, you can use this as an incentive to help you win your deal. And remember, when it’s an add-on product you don’t have to make the 50 or 60 points that you’re used to making on your bread and butter product. If your team is already going to be there doing an install, you’ve already got all your equipment and your labor on site, you don’t have to make that level of margin. You can sell it at 30 or even 20 points for that matter because it’s basically pure margin at that point. 

We all know how easy these are to install guys. It’s not like you have dedicate a whole lot of extra resources on the job just for the Sol-Lux product. Another quick sales tip that I thought was pretty cool, I saw some of our dealers recently using thermal cameras or even like a meat thermometer, one of those temperature guns that you can shoot at the meat when its on your barbeque to see what temperature it is. You can use that approach by shooting that temperature gun at the pane of glass and showing the customer the before and after of when its being blasted by sunlight what the temperature is and when you shade it from being hit by the sun rays how that dramatically reduces the temperature on that window and therefore in that room. Just some great quick sales tips for you guys, some good reminders to make sure that you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to sell these and make some extra dollars. 

Hope you’re getting a lot of benefit out of these videos and we’ll see you next time!


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