Takes care of itself, I don't have to lift a finger!

Brad H.

Highlands Ranch, CO

The Sol-Lux awnings were very easy to set up through the mobile app. Now, I never have to worry or think about them because they are programmed! Love this product.

Evan B.

Denver, CO

Definitely worth the investment.

Ilyse U

Dallas, TX

Sol-Lux awnings have dramatically reduced the temperature in my home! And I never have to remember to put them out or bring them in!

Mary C.

Los Angeles, CA

I will refer everyone I know. I love your system. I love your system.

Clara T.

San Francisco, CA

I can see how my awnings will pay for themselves in no time! I will recommend you to my colleagues.

Nela Z

Phoenix, AZ

Company news

Sol-Lux Solar Powered Awnings Now Available to Homeowners | June 25th 2019

Sol-Lux has announced and released retail pricing for their solar-powered automatic awnings.  Homeowners can now purchase Sol-Lux awnings through the Sol-Lux website. "Sol-Lux has had great success during the last 18 months growing and selling our solar powered window awnings through our dealer network. Our market research has shown us that there is also a healthy appetite for our awnings in the DIY space. We look forward to continuing to work with our valued dealers, and homeowners who want to install our awnings as a do-it-yourself project," Berghoff remarked...Read More

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