Health Benefits of Plants

It’s not unusual to give flowers to loved ones who are sick or injured as a gesture of, “Get well soon.” It’s also not a coincidence that you see plenty of flora in and around recovery rooms in hospitals. The common saying of “stop and smell the roses” actually carries a bit of significance to it. If you dig down to the root of these examples, you’ll find that plants have proven to do wonders for our overall well-being, which is why they’re so vital to our everyday lives.

No matter the amount of sunlight that hits your home and windows, chances are you have at least one plant (and if you don’t, we highly recommend you get one) in or around your home or workplace. Other than the overall aesthetic they add to any environment, there are quite a number of benefits for having plants in your life.

Plants Improve Concentration

Being around plants in both the home and the workplace improves overall concentration. According to studies, tasks performed around the calming influence of plants (and nature) are performed better, with greater accuracy and results. They can even help us learn better and faster!

Plants Improve Memory

It’s also been proven that certain plants like rosemary and flowers improve memory performance and attention span by up to 20 percent! The overall presence of plants in the workplace and home play a significant role in your mental cognition.

Plants Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Studies have shown that plants’ natural aesthetic is soothing to people and that people who have plants in their workplace or home feel more overall happiness and less stress. Plants have been proven to make us feel more relaxed, secure, and happy. Their positive energy can also reduce the chances of suffering from depression, as well.

Plants Accelerate the Healing Process

Whether you’re hurting physically or emotionally, the presence of plants can reduce the overall time necessary to heal, literally helping us “get well soon[er].” The soothing effects of plants can significantly speed up recovery time. In fact, horticulture therapy is growing in popularity, where patients are able to care for and nurture plants by themselves.

Plants Improve Compassion in Relationships

Research has shown that people who spend extended lengths of time around plants tend to have better relationships with others. Studies have shown measurable increases in feelings of compassion in people who spend their time with plants, as they develop more tender feelings for the environment in which they live.

Plants Increase Energy and Performance

It’s been proven that when we spend time in nature and around plants, levels of energy and vitality increase, making us feel more exuberant. As we see plants thrive in their environments, it gives us extra energy to thrive in ours.

The amount of sunlight each plant needs on a daily basis can vary. Some plants thrive on more shade and indirect light, while others depend on direct sunlight. Installing Eos smart window awnings on your home or workplace will control the amount of sunlight that comes in and will keep you and your plants healthy, without blocking your lovely views of nature and the plants outside. Learn More about Sol-Lux smart window awnings here.