What kind of warranty comes with Sol-Lux awnings?

All Sol-Lux awnings come with a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. This warranty covers every component of the awning against malfunction or manufacturer defect. Complete warranty details can be found HERE.


What is the price of the Sol-Lux window awning?

The price of the Sol-Lux awning is determined by the width of the awning. Pricing can be found HERE.


How do I make sure my awning color and fabric match my home?

We encourage you to order color samples for both cassette and fabric to ensure a perfect match prior to placing an order for your awning.  The small cost of the samples will be applied to the cost of the awning with you place your order.   Sample color swatches can be ordered through our design center.


Can I control the awning? If so, how?

Yes, the free Sol-Lux mobile app provides a wide array of features and options, including manual extend and retract. The app name is the Sol-Lux Mobile App and can be installed and used on both Apple and Android smart devices with Bluetooth capabilities. Please see the Sol-Lux mobile app manual for more information. If you would like to see a complete walkthrough of the mobile app video you can HERE.


How long is the life of the battery? Both for operation and for future replacement.

A fully charged Sol-Lux battery has sufficient power to allow more than 60 consecutive cycles and is expected to last 5 years or more before replacement.


How much energy savings should I expect from installing window awnings?

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) supported a study titled The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand of Awnings and Roller Shades in Residential Buildings. These studies provide a comprehensive analysis of energy savings broken down by location and seasonality.


Does the solar sensor panel need to be in direct sunlight, or if I have shade on that side of the home will it still work?

In some cases, the solar panel will still charge the battery if it is shaded.  However, it is recommended that the solar panel receives about an hour of direct sunlight to achieve optimal charging on a daily basis.  If the awning is installed in a heavily shaded area or tight under an eve, Sol-Lux offers and recommends the use of an auxiliary solar panel which can be mounted lower next to the window or in an area that receives light levels most similar to the area needing shading.  When installed, the auxiliary solar panel becomes the primary light sensor and charging device.


What surfaces can the Sol-Lux Awning be mounted to?

Any flat, plumb and straight surface directly above a window.


Does the hardware kit include mounting hardware for all types of surfaces?

Fasteners and plastic inserts are provided to accommodate mounting to wood and masonry.  If mounting to hollow or vinyl siding, standoffs need to be purchased at your local hardware store to ensure the bracket does not crush the siding during installation.  Additional details can be found with the installation instructions.


I am not comfortable mounting my awning on my own, do you have any local installers I can use?

We recommend contacting your local handyman service for assistance.


My awning is installed but it will not operate, how do I activate the awning for operation after it is installed?

The Sol-Lux awning will activate on its own after detecting installation is completed. If the awning is not active after installation, the battery is likely not fully seated. Please remove the awning and verify the battery is fully seated. If the battery is full seated and the awning still does not activate, please contact Sol-Lux customer service.


How do I measure my window to get the dimensions to properly order the awning?

It is recommended to match awning length to the outside width of your window trim. If you would like a little more coverage on your window and have the necessary space above your windows to mount a wider awning, you can then order the awning larger than the outside width of your window trim. Please note, all Sol-Lux products are custom, made-to-order products and are non-returnable so we recommend following our measurement instructions found here.


At what angle does the awning extend?

The canopy pitch is fixed at a 45-degree angle but this extension angle can be adjusted during installation by shimming the mounting bracket of the awning.


Does the awning come out in various pitches?

No, the Sol-Lux awning has a fixed 45-degree angle for maximum shade while providing ambient light and view.  However, during installation, the mounting bracket can be shimmed to a maximum of 22 degrees if desired.


What brand/type of fabric is used on the awning?

Marine-grade, Sunbrella outdoor fabric is used standard in your choice of over 70 fabric colors.  Custom fabric may be ordered for an additional charge.


How do I prevent the awning from opening in cold weather?

The awning is already programmed to not extend in temperatures below 40 degrees F, this is adjustable via the available app however but the awning will not open if the temperature is below 25 degrees F.


How do I prevent the awning from opening in a wind storm?

The Awning is already programmed to remain closed in windy conditions, wind threshold and reattempt delay time are adjustable via the available app.


What happens if my awning is open and it is windy?

The Awning will automatically close if it senses excessive movement due to wind. The wind threshold is adjustable via the available app.


What happens if my awning is open and it is raining?

The Awning can remain open in rain without issue due to the 45-degree canopy angle.


What happens if my awning is open and it is snowing?

If the canopy collects sufficient snow to cause excessive sag, it will automatically close.


What type of maintenance is required for the awning?

Occasional cleaning of the solar panel will provide optimal performance but is not required.


What type of maintenance is required for the awning fabric?

Sunbrella recommends occasional rinsing with clear water to prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric.


What side is the solar panel on as I am facing the awning?

The solar panel is located on the right-hand side as you are facing the awning from the outside.


Can the solar panel sensor be moved to the other side?

No, the solar panel location is fixed.


Where do I go to download the Sol-Lux Mobile App?

The Sol-Lux App is available for download for free from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.


Does the App work with both Apple and Android devices?

Yes, the Sol-Lux App is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.


Is there an additional cost for the App?

No, the Sol-Lux App is free for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

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