Solar Powered Window Awnings That Were Built to Last

Solar awnings were built with durability and sustainability in mind. With sensors built into the equipment, these solar-powered window awnings can read temperature and weather patterns in real-time to retract when deemed necessary to prevent the awning from being damaged. No matter the harsh conditions that each season or climate may bring, Sol-Lux solar powered window awnings were truly built to last!

Adapts to the Weather

The Sol-Lux solar powered awning actively monitors the weather conditions with built in sensors so that the awning is always extended when sunlight is at its prime and retracted when the weather is less than ideal.  This adaptability allows users to enjoy consistent temperatures inside while maintaining their awnings with little effort on their part.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Being solar-powered, solar awnings draw their power directly from solar panels, which come attached to the unit. This means that all the electrical components are neatly packed inside the equipment, which eliminates the need to run wires through the walls!

The lithium-ion batteries used in solar-powered awnings simplify the retractable awning installation process. Without the need for wires aside from connecting your solar panel to the awning, installing and removal is as simple as removing the equipment from the window. Lithium-Ion batteries are incredibly durable and can maintain a sufficient charge to your device, reducing the need to continually replace the battery.

Programmed for Versatility

Solar-powered awnings can be programmed to retract and extend at certain hours of the day, or even based on specific light conditions to ensure that your home stays at the ideal comfort levels throughout the year!

With programmable options, users can modify the awning settings so that they can directly control when your awning extends and retracts based on weather and seasonal change, as well as preference.

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Window Awnings!

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