Reducing Energy Costs With Awnings

No matter the climate, Whether Southwestern, Midwestern, or Northeastern US, reducing the heating and cooling costs is a priority for homeowners throughout the year.  If you are on a mission to lower your monthly spend, a solar awning may be an excellent choice in moving toward an Eco-Friendly home! If you are unfamiliar with solar-powered awnings or solar retractable awnings and how they can benefit your home, read our blog to get the full solar rundown!

The Benefits of Autonomous Smart Technology

The smart technology in our solar-powered awnings is used with the goal of conserving energy.  These solar retractable awnings, continually track temperature, sunlight, and wind, all to ensure the awnings are operating at peak efficiency.

Increased Comfort & Control

By functioning autonomously, a homeowner no longer has to worry about remembering to retract their awnings in adverse weather conditions.  Our awnings take care of themselves in high winds, cold temperatures, and snow!  Many people like to use our awnings in the rain allowing them to open their windows and provide increased shelter from the rain.

Green Energy

When utilizing solar power, there is no need to wire the awnings to your home, simply mount the awning, and you are ready to roll! Learn more about our solar-powered, rechargeable batteries here!

Lower Heating & Cooling Bills

Similar to how our solar panels can help reduce heat loss & heating bills in the winter, solar awnings can help you save on cooling costs in the spring, summer, and fall as the awnings can be programmed to deploy when the sun rises, or at a designated time. This can help to drastically reduce the amount of heat from sunlight that enters your home, thus lowering the total amount of energy needed to cool your home.

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Window Awnings!

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