[ee-os] The ancient Greek Goddess of the Dawn rose into the sky at the start of each day and with her rays of light, dispersed the darkness of the night.

Eos Smart Home Window Awning

Awning highlights & info

The Sol-Lux Eos is the revolutionary smart window awning that helps protect your furniture and flooring from fading and deterioration. You’ll reduce energy consumption and save big time on AC costs each summer. Using free solar power, the Eos uses smart technology to extend and retract automatically based on sunlight, wind, and temperature.

Sol-Lux has revolutionized window awnings with the launch of the Eos. It’s the only window awning on the market with smart technology. Solar power means there is no electrical wiring to install and by sensing the sunlight, wind, and temperature, the awning will extend and retract automatically! You can adjust the default settings via Bluetooth using the free Sol-Lux app on your smart device.

These smart awnings will protect your furniture and flooring from fading and deterioration. Plus, you’ll reduce energy consumption and save BIG TIME on AC costs each summer. Unlike internal window shades or blinds, the Eos is designed to keep the sunlight off of your windows. Even if your blinds are closed, the sunlight is still hitting the window and that heat is entering your home. By blocking the sunlight from touching the window, you reduce the amount of solar gain and mitigate cooling costs.

Each Eos awning is custom made to ensure a perfect fit for your windows and a perfect match for your exterior décor. Sol-Lux warranties the entire Eos product for 5 years and the Sunbrella Marine-Grade fabric used on the awnings is recognized as the most durable outdoor fabric on the market today.

Beautifully delivering shade and protection precisely when it’s needed.

The Sol-Lux Eos Window Awning is the “Smartest” awning available on the market today, beautifully delivering shade and protection precisely when it’s needed. The awnings function automatically by sensing the sunlight, wind, and temperature and do not require any user interaction.

By downloading the free Sol-Lux app on your smart device, you can use the app to manually control the awning and make adjustments to the default settings for automatic operations. Using Bluetooth connectivity each awning can be adjusted and controlled with the free Sol-Lux App.

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The Eos is environmentally friendly.

No wiring = simple install!

The Eos is battery powered and charged by sunlight using the integrated solar panel. Without the need to run electrical wiring, the installation is simple!

Set it and forget it – The Eos will automatically extend and retract in response to the sun. When sufficient sunlight is detected, the awning automatically extends. When the light level is low enough, the awning will retract and enclose itself inside its protective powder coated aluminum case.

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The Eos automatically reacts to sustained motion.

The Eos has a built-in motion/position sensor designed to prevent damage during periods of inclement weather. If wind or snow causes sufficient sustained motion or sagging while the awning is extended, the awning will retract automatically. The awning is also protected from sudden strong wind gusts. The gas shocks on the awnings arms act as shock absorbers allowing the canopy to billow to release the gust of wind and returning to its normal position.

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The Eos senses temperature and inclement weather.

If it’s sunny but also cold outside, the awning knows to stay closed so the sun can help provide heat through the windows.

You can also set the awning to operate on a daily schedule. This allows the awning to extend and retract at specific times of day every day as long as your temperature requirements are met. For example, you can set the awning to extend every morning at 7:30 am and retract every afternoon at 4:30 pm as long as the temperature of the awning is above 20 degrees.

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Each Eos is custom made availalbe from 39″ – 120″ in width.

Awnings widths can be ordered in ½” increments or in 1cm increments.

If you have multiple windows side-by-side or windows that require widths larger than 120″, you can put multiple awnings side by side to cover larger widths. Check out our how to measure page to determine what width of awning your windows require.

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Over 180 case colors and over 70 Sunbrella marine grade fabric colors.

With seemingly endless color choices, the Eos awning can be completely customized to fit the style and decor of your space. Browse color options and save your preferences to your Wish List using our online awning configurator. Then bring your wishlist to your Authorized Sol-Lux Dealer so they can review color samples with you to ensure a perfect match!

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