Installing A Solar Powered Awning (DIY)!

Do you consider yourself handy around the home? Prefer to install or fix something yourself before paying someone to do the job? After 3 months of quarantine, you may have fixed the house 3 times over, but there might be one aspect that has been overlooked! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a product that could help you improve the aesthetic of your home while increasing your energy efficiency, and lowering heating/cooling costs, all while being something that you can easily install in under an hour? Solar-powered awnings are a great example of a utility that is easy to install and has immediate benefits to your home and your comfort. Read on to find out how easy these awnings are to install and enjoy.

Built With Simplicity In Mind

The Sol-Lux awnings were built with simplicity in mind. To save energy and cost, while being easy to customize, order and install.

The Process

The Sol-Lux DIY design process begins with getting the
perfect measurements of the window, or windows that you want to shade. We recommend referencing our handy measurement guide to help get the perfect measurements.

After you take the proper measurements, you will now need to
select your sample colors for both the cassette and the fabric of your awning. Go to our handy design center to order your swatches. (link to order swatches) You can order up to 10 swatches, we recommend 5 case colors and 5 fabric colors but the choice is up to you.

After your swatches arrive and you confirm your color
choices and measurements, it is a breeze to order your Sol-Lux solar powered window awning Just allow 4-6 weeks for delivery and you are ready to install.

Learn more about the DIY process HERE!

Sol-Lux DIY Time lapse Installation

No Wires, No Problem

It might seem far-fetched to think that to install a solar powered awning, all your need is a drill (and in some cases, a ladder) and you are essentially halfway there! Solar-powered awnings don’t require electrical wiring making the installation quite simple. Simply install a mounting bracket above the window and snap the awning onto the bracket and you’re done!

Set It & Forget It

Unlike traditional awnings that sit over your window, solar-powered awnings are intelligent to the point where they automatically retract during inclement weather or light conditions. After installing, simply program your awnings with the Sol-Lux mobile app and you can have the peace of mind that your awning will operate as it should in all conditions.

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Awnings!

If you are interested in installing solar-powered awnings on your home or business please contact us directly via our convenient Contact Form, call us today at 1-855-340-1552, or Click Here to find a local dealer near you!

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