How to Protect Your Home from UV Rays

Many people think that there is nothing to fear from the sun as long as you are indoors. After all, not many individuals would think to put on sunscreen if they were to sit on the couch reading a book in the middle of summer. However, while sunscreen inside your home may seem a bit excessive, UV rays can enter through your windows. Protecting yourself and your belongings from UV rays is the best way to prevent damage.

Window Shades Made for UV Protection

Did you know there are window shades developed specifically for UV protection? These shades come in various colors and patterns and can also prevent damage to your belongings and skin. Shades with built-in sun protection can be adjusted so that you can choose how much natural light can come into your home.

Window Film

Window film can be applied to your existing windows with an adhesive. There are various options available to choose from as far as how much sunlight you want to block. Keep in mind, once your window film has been applied, it takes a process to remove it. Be sure you want the sun filtered through a tint before you decide to use the product.

Solar Screens

How often have you thought about the screens in your windows? Unless they are damaged, it’s safe to say it is not a common occurrence. However, your screens can play a role in UV protection. Where most screens are just typical mesh with nothing special, some are considered top of the line. These solar screens are intended to prevent the sun’s rays from passing through too harshly. Installing solar screens can be a great way to protect yourself and your belongings without making a noticeable change to your home.


Finding ways to gain some shade is a great way to limit the number of rays coming into your house. An awning can be a fun way to block the sun’s light and provide something extra to look at. There are many types and sizes of awnings, from window awnings to patio door awnings. Some awnings can be retractable if you decide you want the sun on certain days. Nonetheless, consider the look you want and how an awning might cast shade and compare it to what you are looking for.

Smart Placement of Furniture

Have you ever considered how your furniture sits in the morning sun? Or perhaps you like the way a chair gets hit by natural light in the late afternoon while you read. While there is an aesthetic component of furniture placement, sunlight can damage your couch, chairs, and other items in your home. When you place your furniture, think about how often it will be exposed to UV rays.

Preventing damage from UV rays can be a simple fix or a more complex one. Deciding which option to choose is dependent upon your budget and personal opinion on appearance.

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