How To Choose The Right Awning For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Awning For Your Home

Awnings are window or entryway coverings that serve to keep away harsh sunlight and UV rays from entering your home or living space. Awnings have several benefits for both outdoor living spaces and windows that experience large amounts of sunlight when unwanted. Not only are awnings extremely useful and functional, but they also bring a dramatic improvement to the ambiance and aesthetic of your home! Many people with beautiful home gardens and porches are unable to use these areas of their house due to the weather conditions. Awnings can make it possible for you to spend time outdoors all year long.  


Sol-Lux proudly provides homeowners with environmentally friendly solar-powered window awnings that add both style and functionality to any house or building! Call us today at 1-855-340-1552 or Click Here to find a dealer near you!


Numerous awning styles are available in the market, including: 

  • Dome-Style 
  • Gable Walk-Away 
  • Semi-Circular 
  • Waterfall 
  • Quarter Barrel 
  • Double Standard 
  • Traditional Straight Edge with Open Sides 
  • Traditional Straight Edge with Closed Sides 

Make sure to choose a style that matches the interior and exterior look of your home!


The size of your awnings should depend on the purpose of your awning and the window you wish to cover. Our experienced Sol-Lux dealers are happy to help you pick out the perfect awning size for your home and needs!


Choose an awning material based on your region’s climate and the purpose you want your awning to serve. Other factors to consider include the style of the awning and the maintenance required to keep it looking good-as-new! The two most common awning materials are: 

  • Outdoor fabric: At Sol-Lux, our solar-powered fabric awnings are incredibly durable in even the harshest weather conditions. Sol-Lux awnings can also be customized into over 13,000 possible color combinations so that you can design your awnings to perfectly match your home’s decor.
  • Aluminum: These awnings are durable but do not offer many variations in styles and colors. 

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