How To Choose The Perfect Color Awning For Your Home

When choosing the color of your Eos retractable awning, you need to consider more than just the color of your home. These factors include the color and style of your roof and/or trim, the house’s architecture, and the climate of the area you live in. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect awning for your house.   

What Color Window Awning Will Complement My House?

There are many different ways that a window awning will complement the aesthetic of your home and blend with the dominant color of your facade. When deciding your awning color, the architecture and color of your house are the two most important factors to consider. You can customize your awning’s retractable cassette or fabric to be an accent color, or to complement the color of your roof.  

Modern Homes Colors

Unlike traditional homes, modern homes do not have trim around the windows or doors. The color of your awning’s cassette can match the color of your home, or compliment the facade with a different shade. Modern homes share tonal colors such as whites, greys, browns, and blacks. We suggest the fabric color be the same color but a lighter or darker shade to add depth to the awning and home.

Traditional Homes Colors

Traditional homes commonly have trim using a contrasting color that adds depth. Matching the color of the trim to your cassette, while matching the fabric color to your roof is simple yet elegant. Pairing a fabric in the same spectrum as these colors can be used to accent different walls or roof colors. If your home has a colored door, matching the fabric color to the door will help accentuate that tone.

There are many ways to compliment and match color palettes. In this article from Lifehacker, the color wheel is explained and will help you make guided decisions if you are stuck. If your home does not have trim that is a different color, picking a complementary color will add curb appeal. Choosing a fabric color can be very tricky but a great place to begin is picking the tint or tone color of your cassette. Tinted colors are pure colors with white added, making it lighter. Tonal colors are pure colors with grey added, making them darker.      

Complementing Your Roof Color  

Matching your cassette color to your roof can charmingly tie the colors of your home together. Using the same color as your roof helps your colors transition more smoothly from top to bottom. No matter what color, you will be able to perfectly match your roof by providing us with your own color when designing your custom awning. If you have any questions about custom awning colors, email us here.

Will My Awning Colors Fade in the Sun?

While the Eos awning is resistant to fading, unfortunately almost everything will fade in the sun over time.  This is a great reason to use awnings on your home! The Eos will help protect your interior from fading due to sunlight.  We use a Marine-Grade fabric from Sunbrella, which comes standard with a limited ten-year warranty. The fabric is recognized as one of the most durable outdoor fabrics on the market. The powder-coated aluminum cassette is covered under our five-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Sol-Lux also offers a refurbishment program so you can refresh the canopy when it eventually fades.

What Colors are Available?

We offer more than 70 Sunbrella marine-grade solid color choices as standard options and since there are seemingly limitless color and pattern choices out there, we also allow you to select custom fabric as a non-standard option.  The aluminum cassette is offered in over 180 RAL colors. This allows you to customize your home awning in over 13,000 fabric and cassette color combinations!

With over 13,000 color combinations to choose from, there won’t be another retractable window awning like your own. If you are having trouble visualizing the color combinations of the Eos awning for your home, click here to design your custom awning today. For any other questions, contact us for general or product support inquiries.


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7 thoughts on “How To Choose The Perfect Color Awning For Your Home

  1. I have a cousin that is thinking about getting an awning for her new home. She really likes that a good question to ask is what colors will fade. This will make it easier to choose a durable color and material.

  2. I like what you said about awnings and how they can match the color of your window trim. Purchasing a retractable awning is a great way to block out harmful UV rays. My friend wants an awning for his patio, so I’ll help him find the right awning for his home.

  3. It’s good to know that the color of your sunsetter awning can match the color of your home, or contrast depending on your preference. My wife and I have been wanting an awning to cool off our patio in the hot summer months, but we’re unsure of what color we want. We’ll be looking further into our different color options for awnings in the future.

  4. I like that you suggest matching your cassette color to your roof to tie the colors of your home together. My wife and I are looking into replacing the current awning fabric so we can make the house look better. I will keep this in mind while are looking at all of our options.

  5. Thank you for pointing out that there is a possibility of 13,000 color combinations to choose from for a canopy or awning. My husband and I have been thinking about adding an awning to our patio. It’s good to know that there are many colors to choose from.

  6. Thank you for your advice to use tonal colors that are just lighter or darker than the house for modern homes. My sister is thinking of moving into a modern style home as she loves that they have so many windows! She is concerned about it getting too hot in the backyard in the summer though. I think an awning could be a great idea to provide more shade.

  7. Wow, I never put into consideration that fading due to sunlight is a factor to consider when choosing the color of my awning. I would be getting awnings installed because my too much sunlight enters my living room. Since brightness should be considered, I think yellow would be a safe choice.

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