How Can A Solar Window Awning Protect My Home?

In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits that a solar awning can provide to protect your home and the valuables inside! While a solar powered window awning can’t protect your home in the sense that it will deter burglaries, it can help to reduce the number of harmful UV rays entering through your windows that can cause discomfort while also gradually fading away the color of any upholstery, paintings, and flooring or carpet in your home.

If you have ever left your favorite hat outside for a few days during the summer, you may notice that the color begins to fade away. Sun exposure and the powerful rays that shine down can fade fabrics, compromise materials, and even damage hardwood floors. (UV) radiation is incredibly harmful to your interior and can damage flooring, walls, paintings, and more, regardless of the weather. This means that even on cloudy days and in colder climates, UV radiation can still affect the items in your home.

Various Ways UV Rays Can Wear Down Items in Your Home

  • Damage Carpets & Upholstery
    • While it may be hard to notice at first, when direct sunlight hits the carpet, the UV rays can start to show wear and effects of damage in just under 6 months. While heat and solar rays contribute to wear and tear, most of the degradation comes from powerful UV rays continually hitting your carpets.
  • Hardwood Floors
    • It may be hard to tell if your floors have been damaged by UV rays, however, upon inspection, you may notice that locations near your windows or doors may be more faded than areas that are protected from UV rays.
  • Paintings
    • If you have paintings hanging in your home that are of great value, it may be wise to place them in locations without direct sunlight to extend the longevity of any priceless work. UV rays can draw the vibrancy out of color, leaving it dull or faded, effectively reducing the value and joy that a specific painting may bring.

Smart Systems & Programmable Awnings Help Reduce Wear & Tear

Installing a Solar awning provides protection from the elements, with the increased benefit of minimizing the number of sun & UV rays that enter your home. With real-time weather detecting systems, A Sol-Lux solar awning can automatically extend and retract during peak hours, saving you time, stress, and concern when it comes to climate control and reducing the wear and tear on items around your home. Block out powerful UV rays with A Solar Powered Awning today, learn more about our customization options, and how our limitless mix and match solutions can help you find an awning design that exceeds your expectations! Mix and match here!

Take Control Of The Elements With Solar Powered Window Awnings!

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