How Sol-Lux Home Awnings Prevent Sun Damage

You’ve installed new carpeting, purchased new furniture, and now everything is exactly how you want it. You want everyone to be very cautious about stains from liquids and food, but there is one factor you may not have considered that can slowly destroy your interior. Sun exposure can fade fabrics, compromise materials, and even fade hardwood floors. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is incredibly harmful to your interior and can damage flooring, walls, and fabrics even on cloudy days and in colder climates. Luckily, we can help you prevent interior sun damage.

How Sun Rays Damage Carpet

When direct sunlight hits your carpet, it can start to show wear and effects of damage within six months. According to Aqualux Carpet Cleaning, UV radiation can contribute to up to 40% of carpet fading, while solar heat and visible light contribute up to another 25%. This can be especially true for homeowners whose windows face southwest.

How Sun Rays Damage Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors and move a rug to another location, it becomes very evident how much UV rays, direct sunlight, and heat (infrared light) can harm your flooring. Wood is extremely sensitive to light, meaning it is photosensitive. According to Naperville Hardwood, depending on the type of wood, it can lighten or darken.

How Sun Rays Can Fade Painted Walls

Picking the right paint for your interior is never easy. However, finding the perfect shade is only half of the battle–protecting it takes care and effort. Nippon Paint explains in their article that constant sunlight causes “photodegradation – where chemical bonds in the paint are broken down by ultraviolet rays.” This can cause undesirable cracking and fading. Choosing a high-quality paint can prevent this, but UV rays can still harm paint over time.

How Sol-Lux Awnings Prevent Interior Sun DamageInterior view of the Eos Smart Home Window with sunlight

In order to prevent sun damage, you need to block the UV rays from directly entering your home. This can be done by drawing your curtains or closing your blinds. But doing so will ruin the view from your windows and remove all the natural light from your home. Sol-Lux home window awnings are a great solution to this dilemma. Our smart, solar-powered window awnings automatically extend when they’re needed to block UV rays and heat from entering your home without disrupting your view.  Allow that wonderful natural light to enter your home while protecting your interior AND saving big time on energy bills. With over 13,000 color combinations to choose from, creating an awning to match your home is easy. To let natural light in while protecting your investments, design your custom awning here today!

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