“Dealer Kit Sales Tools” : Dealer Vlog

On this edition of the Sol-Lux Five, I want to focus on some sales tips on how to use the tools that you have in the dealer kit. You want to make sure first and foremost that you’re bringing your tri-fold brochures with you on every sales appointment that you have regardless of whether it is specific to Sol-Lux or not. 

Make sure you’re bringing these tri-fold brochures with you! 

Now we do give you the access to the digital file of these so that you can print them on your own. The advantage to that is that you can actually go into that file and apply your own logo and your own contact information on the back of these brochures so that you have a branded experience for your customer. At a bare minimum, certainly apply a sticker or an address label on here with your own printed information on it so that your customers have that same experience. 

It’s a great leave behind, whether it’s a Sol-Lux appointment, or a patio awning appointment, or any other product or service appointment that you are going on, if you leave this behind with them it gives them an option to evaluate it after you’ve left. 

Next make sure that you’re also bringing with you, your swatch books. Both fabric and powder coat. If you have a showroom, likely you’re going to want a leave a set of these books in your showroom for visitors there, but I’d encourage you to get another set for your truck, and I even have dealers that get a third set as a leave behind on qualified appointments. So when you’re there, if a customer is specifically interested in the Sol-Lux product, you can actually leave that set of books with them as a leave behind and a follow up to then come back and collect them and close the deal. 

Also, remember in your dealer kits, you get an auxiliary solar panel. I’d encourage you to bring that with you and evaluate based on positioning where they are thinking of putting that awning, whether or not you’re going to need that auxiliary solar panel and show it to them so they know what to expect and where you might position it. Also, the mini-demo, the little two-foot, non-functional, demo case, bring that with you. It’s a good way to show them the low profile, high-quality finish of the product and allows them to visualize it on their own home. And lastly, follow up with an email with a quick video of the product. 

You can use our video, you can shoot your own video, but a nice video that helps them understand all the benefits and features of the product in the follow up is always a nice touch. Hope that helps guys! 

Get out there and have a great year.


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