Sol-Lux Solar Powered Awnings Now Available to Homeowners

Sol-Lux has announced and released retail pricing for their solar-powered automatic awnings.  Homeowners can now purchase Sol-Lux awnings through the Sol-Lux website. “Sol-Lux has had great success during the last 18 months growing and selling our solar powered window awnings through our dealer network. Our market research has shown us that there is also a healthy appetite for our awnings in the DIY space. We look forward to continuing to work with our valued dealers, and homeowners who want to install our awnings as a do-it-yourself project,” Berghoff remarked.

About Sol-Lux:

Since 1971, Carefree of Colorado has been an originator and leader in awnings and related accessories for the RV industry. For nearly 50 years Carefree has been the leader and pioneer because they feature an exceptional user experience. Quality, Value, Performance, and Style show through in everything Carefree does. Notwithstanding Sol-Lux! Carefree of Colorado is a proud member of The Scott Fetzer Co which is a part of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. family of companies.

In 2017 Sol-Lux was created to address a lack of innovation in the residential awning market. Sol-Lux is proudly manufactured right here in Broomfield, CO USA.

Eos awnings from Sol-Lux automatically extend to block harmful sun rays from your home, without hiding your view. As the sun hits your windows, the awnings extend automatically.
When the sun goes down or as it gets cold outside, the awnings automatically retract, so they’re only out when you need them for maximum energy efficiency.
Sol-Lux awnings use free solar power, so there’s no need to connect to your electricity, which means they can be installed easily and quickly on any window on your home with no need for an expensive electrician.
Each awning is custom-made to fit your windows in half-inch increments up to 10 feet.

Sol-Lux awnings come in over 180 colors, and the Sunbrella fabric comes in more than 70 colors, giving you a perfect match for your exterior décor.

Sol-Lux is the only awning with smart technology that extends and retract automatically, even when you’re not home! Save on energy costs and effortlessly cool and protect your home 24/7 without the need for a remote.

Solar Powered Eos Awnings

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