5 Ways To Incorporate Solar Power Into Your Home

Whether you’re looking to lower your electricity bill or are aiming to do better for the environment, solar power is a great way to help you achieve your goals! From longer-lasting heating & cooling units in your home to making a difference in your carbon footprint, utilizing solar technology is becoming more and more popular! Using solar power can be intimidating for those that don’t currently have any solar panels or devices in their homes, which is why it’s important to start small. In this article, we’ll go over some of the easy and cost-effective ways that you can begin to incorporate solar energy into your home!

Solar Powered Awnings 

Solar-powered awnings are exactly what they sound like: awnings that automatically extend and retract using solar power! With a solar-powered awning, there are no batteries to change and no wires or outlets to attach! Solar-powered awnings are easy to install and have a wide range of benefits, including reduction of your energy bills, protection of your interior furniture and décor from damaging UV rays, and the opportunity to add a terrific aesthetic to the exterior of your home! Learn more about the benefits of solar-powered awnings by clicking here!

Solar Lighting for Outdoors 

Many homeowners use outdoor lighting all night, every night. Outdoor lighting adds a level of safety to your home, as well as a look that many homeowners love. The problem with this is that powering lights every night can get expensive. That’s where solar power comes in! Outdoor solar-powered lights will charge all day in the sun, allowing them to run all night without any addition to your electric bill. This is a great way to begin incorporating solar power into your home! These kinds of outdoor lights come in a wide variety of styles, meaning you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your home.

Solar Pool Heaters 

A pool is a fantastic and luxury feature for any home. Unfortunately, the cost of heating a pool as the weather gets colder is so excessive that most homeowners suffer through cold water on days that are on the chillier side. With solar pool heaters, the cost to heat your pool will be nothing after the initial purchasing and setup costs. Heating your pool with solar energy is a great way to save some money and begin to go green!

Solar Flashlights 

Batteries can be expensive, but having a backup flashlight for emergencies is a must for every homeowner. Solar flashlights can solve this issue and are a great, cost-effective way to incorporate solar-powered devices into your home!

Start with One Solar Panel 

You don’t have to go all out right away when it comes to solar panels. Take your solar panel transition slowly. Buy a single panel to power just one or two things, then work your way up from there. Starting slowly with solar energy is a great way to begin saving money on your utility bills and help out the planet that we all call home! 

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